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Everyone deserves to be able to protect themselves from HIV.

When it comes to HIV prevention, many cisgender women have not considered HIV PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) as an option for themselves. Despite a decline in HIV incidence in women in the United States, approximately 18% of new HIV diagnoses in the US in 2021 were among women. We want to find more options for women to protect themselves against HIV. PURPOSE 3 will help to understand if an investigational PrEP medicine, lenacapavir, can be used by cisgender women in the US to help prevent acquiring HIV through sex.

PURPOSE 3 was designed to support cisgender women in the US in HIV prevention.

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"How Is This Related to Me?"

First, as a sexually active woman, you deserve more options to protect yourself against HIV. PURPOSE 3 allows you to be an integral part of helping us develop PrEP options.

Answer 4 quick questions below to find out if you're eligible to participate in PURPOSE 3.

Second, this is a chance to help change how medical research is done.

Cisgender women, specifically Black and/or Latina women, have been historically underrepresented in HIV clinical trials. It's time to change that. We are committed to fair inclusion in PURPOSE 3, so that what we learn can benefit all.

Find out more about PURPOSE 3 to see if you could be a part of advancing HIV prevention and changing medical research for the better.

Do you qualify?
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Expanding HIV Prevention Options for Women

PURPOSE 3 is being done in the United States and will include adult cisgender women who have sex with cisgender men.

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PURPOSE 3 Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in participating in the PURPOSE 3 study.

Your privacy matters to us. Note that your answers will only be used to let you know whether or not you qualify, and will not be stored or tracked in any way.